Cyber Academy

The focus of the academy is workforce development for 21st-century digital vocational skills closing the gap between current R&D and hands-on vocational professionals in monitoring and diagnostics. Our practical training lends itself to more vigilance from employees of various industry verticals.


The academy offers specially designed short bootcamps for executives, managers, and staff in several industry verticals (e.g., healthcare, food and beverage, logistics, financial, banking, and insurance). These cover cyber training in compliance, business risk management, negotiations in case of cyber attack, security policies, and building a resilient organization. These courses are designed for individual clients’ needs and completed F2F, Online, or a hybrid model. Cyberdome USA can also provide special corporate training programs at your site facility.

Special Training for Healthcare Industry

We provide end-to-end cyber training needs for clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, physicians, medical assistants, nurses, behavioral health counselors, hospital staff, healthcare professionals, aestheticians, laser technicians, med spas, and other associates in the industry. These training programs include HIPPA compliance, machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, Electronic Health Records (EHR) integration, as well as overall facilities and systems.

Workforce Development and Digital Transformation

Cyberdome USA is committed to developing the digital workforce in other industry verticals  (e.g. healthcare, food and beverage, logistics, banking, insurance, management, manufacturing, etc.) across the country.